How to manage your online marketing during COVID-19

How to manage your online marketing during COVID-19 A CORONAVIRUS RESOURCE FOR ECOMMERCE BUSINESSES This resource uses insights into digital behaviour during the coronavirus to help ecommerce businesses manage their […]

Customer’s Cross Brand Journey

Identify online shopping behaviour and Customer Journey with the Cross Brand Journey tool The Customer Journey technology provides such powerful insights. The Cross Brand Journey part of it can help […]

Online Sales Assistant Technology

Score your leads with Sales Assistant Technology Watch the video to get a deeper understanding of the different behaviours your leads go through when they consider purchasing a property. From […]

3 Tips For Preparing For Online Christmas Sales

For our E-commerce clients the lead up to Christmas sale periods are one of the biggest opportunities of the year. From October onwards, the retail industry is headed towards some […]

Cross Channel Marketing 201

Recap Your customers are on multiple channels at different stages of their purchasing journey. Therefore, you should invest your ad spend on where the customers are. To read Cross Channel […]

Cross Channel Marketing 101

Why do you need cross channel marketing?  Most marketers think channel. This is in part because the platform suppliers are channel-based.  These are ad words in search, YouTube in video, […]

The Role Of Multi-Touch Attribution

We are in a new world where we encounter a ton of marketing messaging on a whole range of digital channels. As a marketer understanding the customer journey is more […]