Why Retargeting Is Important

Retargeting is positioning your brand in front of a customer when they have already connected with your brand.   A common example is an abandoned cart retargeting for e-commerce businesses. […]

Last Click Attribution Is Broken

Last click attribution is the most widely used attribution method. The model ascribes 100% of the conversion credit to the last ad served before a conversion.  But if you are […]

5 Ways To Reduce Ad Spend Wastage

With digital advertising now superseding traditional marketing in most industries, how can you make sure your precious ad dollars are delivering impressive returns? How do you reduce wastage in your […]

How to approach attribution for the education industry

How to approach attribution for the education industry Education is a diverse industry that requires specific marketing strategies and that’s why it’s important to understand what channels and messaging is […]

Your journey with Next Level Online Media

Each step in your journey with Next Level Online Media is designed to help you reach deeper into a hidden world of the new media ecosystem, shining light onto new […]

Campaign performance & analysis

Campaign performance & analysis varies dramatically from client to client. Some clients focus on e-commerce sales, others on lead generation, others on brand equity or issue awareness. However, you currently […]

Why media buying should be your last concern

What most media buyers say is that media buying is about understanding what you want to achieve and planning a strategy. What they won’t tell you is that media buying […]

Media Strategy & Planning

The best time to engage Next Level Online Media is when you start creating your marketing strategy. Many organisations compartmentalise their media planning, whereas there should be a symbiotic relationship […]