Customer’s Cross Brand Journey

Identify online shopping behaviour and Customer Journey with the Cross Brand Journey tool The Customer Journey technology provides such powerful insights. The Cross Brand Journey part of it can help […]

3 Tips For Preparing For Online Christmas Sales

For our E-commerce clients the lead up to Christmas sale periods are one of the biggest opportunities of the year. From October onwards, the retail industry is headed towards some […]

Cross Channel Marketing 201

Recap Your customers are on multiple channels at different stages of their purchasing journey. Therefore, you should invest your ad spend on where the customers are. To read Cross Channel […]

Cross Channel Marketing 101

Why do you need cross channel marketing?  Most marketers think channel. This is in part because the platform suppliers are channel-based.  These are ad words in search, YouTube in video, […]

Why Retargeting Is Important

Retargeting is positioning your brand in front of a customer when they have already connected with your brand.   A common example is an abandoned cart retargeting for e-commerce businesses. […]

Last Click Attribution Is Broken

Last click attribution is the most widely used attribution method. The model ascribes 100% of the conversion credit to the last ad served before a conversion.  But if you are […]

5 Ways To Reduce Ad Spend Wastage

With digital advertising now superseding traditional marketing in most industries, how can you make sure your precious ad dollars are delivering impressive returns? How do you reduce wastage in your […]